Adrian Rodd

Adrian Rodd is a Music Producer from Lanzarote, Canary Island, based in Madrid. His music production are influenced by the electronic sound where the techno, ambient and house are very present. This made him signs with international labels as Catwash, Vibe Me and Budare.

He has work with artist as Jonas Kopp, Whim-ee and Coeter, what made him very popular in websites as Decks, Deejay and Beatport. Adrian Rodd has an international and national experience, mainly in the electronic music scene of Madrid, where he has been resident for 2 years in one of the most popular techno clubs, Stardust Club.

However, his artistic skills are not just related with the music, nowadays he combines his passion for the music with his work as a Director/Filmaker , inspiring by different cultures, mostly by the music, the surf and documental. He has worked for some top brands as Reebok, Quiksilver, Red Bull, RVCA and also in videoclips and documentals of urban culture, with some famous artist like Yung Beef and Bejo.