Embryo EP – Denis Rodd


Artist. Denis Rodd
Title. Embryo EP
Label. Cochlea Music
Format. Vinyl, Digital & Streaming
Cat. Number. COC001
Release Date. 7th April 2017
Distribution. Deejay.de, Vinylfuture.com / Beatport
Contact: hello@cochleamusic.com
Bio and Dj Sets: https://soundcloud.com/denis-rodd



A1. Crisalida

A2. Re-Quest

B1. L’Opera

B2. Famara

DJ Support

Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, The Black Dog, Hermanez, Noah Pred, Ron Costa, Luigi Madonna, Paul Cazenave , Someone Else, Slam Hanfry Martinez, Silky, Demian, and more.

Story behind

Even with the first sounds, the organic structures can be heard – and felt. A crystalline crackling of the hi-hat very close to the ear, as if the black volcanic sand of Lanzarote would trickling on the metal. The echo of the samples does not point to endless distances, rather, it swings up the cochlea and enters into a special world in which sound material develops a delicate self-life.

It is the world of Denis Rodd, producer and label founder of Cochlea Music, who moved from the Canary Islands to Berlin. His first EP on Cochlea Music is Embryo. Everything stands at the beginning, also in the first track, Crisalida, Chrysalis in Spanish.

The key note in the 4 tracks is a mumbled bass but also a gentle drone, accompanied by repetitive melody abbreviations from the synthesizer. The analog beats make it noticeable that dancing starts in the head, the upright patterns remain schematically open, requiring a waking state.

Out of the quiet shadows of electronica, voices emerge from an unknown source, a few effect-driven wind instruments, a vocal chord in the track L’Opera borrowed from the music library, or the drums in Famara. They change the dramaturgy between audiorecording and digital sound production. From the recognizable, comes the foreign – and the experimental sounds thereby become the natural biotope of musical stages of development.